PLB C-Master Technical Specifications:

C-Master is a DP3 Derick lay barge equipped with 8 azimuth thrusters of which two middle ones are retractable and the rest located above the ship’s bottom making it the most suitable for shallow waters.

Having as low draft as 4.5 meters and her keel cooling system would add to this advantage. She Produces a total of 200 tons of thrust in her 100% thruster capacity.

Having 3 X 60 tons’ tensions and a 1 X 180 Ton A&R winch is

ideal for pipe laying in the Persian Gulf region. She is having an accommodation fully air-conditioned designed for vigorously humid atmosphere of the Persian Gulf region.

She is most suitable for pipe laying (S-Lay) in water depth of up to 100 meters.

Her spacious deck space along with 1 X 800 Tons and 2 X 33 Tons cranes at sides plus her excellent maneuverability makes her specially suitable for infield works.

General Specifications
Classification DNV GL Barge – PAS – DPS-3 “Pipelay”
Flag St Vincent and the Grenadines
Port of registry Kingstown
Principal dimensions and capacities
Length overall (LOA) Incl. Anchor racks and stinger 203 m (approx.)
Length overall (LOA) excl. stinger 145m
Length overall (LOA) excl. anchor racks and stinger 140
Length between perpendiculars (LPP) 134.40m
Breadth (molded) 40.6m
Extreme breadth (incl. Anchor racks) 45.2m
Depth molded to main deck 8.75m
Lightship displacement 14000(approx)
Lightship weight 10110 m.t.
Transit draught (Summer) 5.78m
Displacement on transit draught 18000 m.t.
Gross tonnage 20645 GT
Net tonnage 6193
Transit speed 6-7 knots
Free main deck area

Deck Strength

1800 m2(approx)

10 T/m²

Ballast capacity 8735 m3
Engine lub. Oil capacity 32.4 m3
Hydraulic oil capacity 12000 ltr
Fuel oil capacity 5325 m3
Dirty oil 49 m3
Sludge oil 49 m3
F.O. overflow 130 m3
Oily bilge 65 m3
Fuel oil day tanks (13off) 6000 ltr each
Thruster oil  32 m3
Potable water capacity 3663 m3
Fresh water generators (RO) 2×60 Te/day
Propulsion engines 8 x Caterpillar 3516B

2100 BHP each

Power generation 5 x caterpillar 3516B – SR4B

1825kVA each, 440v / 60 Hz

Forward thrusters 3 x HRP700 2100 BHP each

Azimuth type (No. 1, 5, 2)

Midship thrusters 2 x HRP700 2100 BHP each

Retractable Azimuth (No. 7, 8)

Stern thrusters 3 x HRP700 2100 BHP each

Azimuth type (No. 3, 6, 4)

Mooring system
8 point mooring system 8 winches, 120 ton on 3rd
layer 1500 m x 56 mm IWRE wire
9t Delta Flipper Anchors
Main Crane
Maximum radius 35.0 m
Minimum radius 6.5 m
Hoisting capacity 800 t at 28.0 m
Based upon a dynamic factor of 1.1 700 t at 32.0 m
600 t 34.0 m
Hoisting speed (800t load) 0-2.3 m/min
Hoisting speed (abt 200t load) 0-7.8 m/min
Portside Deck Crane
Maximum outreach 20 / 30 m
Minimum outreach 4.2 m
Maximum lifting capacity (Inboard) 34 / 25 T
Maximum lifting capacity (Ship/Ship) 17 / 10 T
Starboardside Offshore Crane
Maximum outreach 35 m
Minimum outreach 7 m
Maximum lifting capacity (Inboard) 33 T
Maximum lifting capacity (Ship/Ship) 25 T
Pipe lay system
Concept: Port side mounted single joint S-lay system
Capacity: 4″- 48″ diameter pipe
Tensioners: 3 SAS tensioners, 60 t on each
Maximum external diameter: 60 inch
Main firing Line: 4 welding stations
1 NDE station (X-Ray or Ultrasonic)
1 repair station
1 coating station
Piggy Back Line: 2 welding stations
1 NDE station
1 repair station
1 strapping stations
Control Room: Tension machines are remotely controlled from the aft
working bridge, also local controls provided in the pipe tunnel
along the firing line
A & R Winch: SWL 180t, located at deck level, 1200m wire 84 mm
Davits: Six (6) mounted with load cells at portside, capacity 60 tones
each, hydraulic driven, maximum depth 100 m
Stinger: Length: 59.75 m
Width: 4.6 m
The stinger comprises
two sections:
Section 1: 42.75 m
Section 2: 17.00m
Dynamic Positioning (DP) System: The vessel has a Kongsberg Simrad Class 3 fully redundant dynamic poitioning system. The system
consists of one SDP 21 Dual control station on the AFT working bridge with Simrad Planing station and one
SDP 11 Control Station on the navigation bridge.
Reference systems: 1 x DGPS with Iala Sportbeam GPS 1 x
DGPS with Iala Inmarsat B GPS
HIPAP 350 / HPR 400, Bandak LTW taut MK 12B
ArtemisMK IV, M.R.U., Anemometer
Accommodation 300 (extendable to 350). All accommodation areas are centrally air-conditoned inclusive spacious
galley and mess room, laundry, dry / cold stores, change rooms, TV rooms and recreation facilities.
Supplemental facilities include offices, conference rooms, helicopter arrival/departure launges,
safety/security office and hospital with separate treatment room, etc. etc.
Safety Appliances In accordance with SOLAS 74, with relevant SOLAS 83 amendment
Helideck Suitable for Sikorsky S-92A Helibus