MSH Ship Management Fleet

Crane-Ship-Aerial-icoDLV Oceanic 5000: What makes Oceanic 5000 a unique vessel is its robust crane with 4400 MT capacity along with her modern pipe laying system. Her DP2 Dynamic Positioning system makes it possible to operate in the vicinity of existing structures and pipelines without the need to drop anchors. Since delivery in 2011, Oceanic 5000 has installed 30 heavy structures weighing up to 3500t.

CMaster PLB C-Master: Relying on substantial experience of laying over 2500km of pipeline in various sizes in different geographical parts of the word, makes C-Master an ideal vessel for pipe laying projects. Furthermore, her DP3 Dynamic Positioning system and her low draft enables her to lay pipe lines in shallow waters even in congested fields without the risk of damaging existing pipelines which make it ideal for infield works.