Oceanic 5000 is a state-of-the-art DLV managed by MSH. DLV means she is equipped with both heavy lifting crane as well as pipe laying system and astonishingly, as a new and modern vessel she is far superior to conventional vessels in both functionality.

Pipelaying system of this vessel is so sophisticated. Apart from the main firing line where pipes are welded together in a production line, Oceanic 5000 has two additional double joint pipe laying plants resulting in enhanced lay rate and fast completion of projects. The entire pipe lay assembly process is carried out below the main working deck. This allows maximum pipe storage above deck and more free deck space for structural installation; thereby providing a safer and more productive working condition. The vessel is equipped with a specially designed “piggy-back” laying system to be simultaneously attached to the main trunk line during the lay operation.

She is equipped with three 80mt tensioners. This equipment grabs the pipeline and prevents it from sinking and therefore enables the vessel to lay in water depth as deep as 300m. Heavy lifting capability of the vessel

relies on one of the most robust cranes in the world. The crane is designed to address the majority of lifting requirements including heavy lift installations, near shore lifting, subsea lifting, platform removal and wreck salvage. The lift capacities of the main block (4400mt at 37 meters) and the auxiliary block (800mt at 35 meters) enable the vessel to undertake an impressive range of projects. Moreover, the 3000mt fully revolving mode increases efficiency, workability and control of heavy lifting operations.

Oceanic 5000’s relatively shallow draft provides access to work in shallow waters. This versatility, combined with the ability to utilize both anchor and DP2 positioning systems, provide the flexibility to perform the entire scope of work irrespective of water depths. In addition, using DP system means the ability to work in congested fields where there is a risk of damaging existing pipelines by anchors. As well as that, the vessel can operate close to offshore complexes where utilization of anchors is not feasible.

The vessel propulsion system, designed to transit at 12 knots, allows her to reach locations in a swift and cost-effective manner.

General Spec
Registration Flag: Barbados
Registration No: 733558
Classification: GL 100 A5 IW DP2 BWM
 Length: 198.0m
Width: 48.0m
Depth to main deck:  14.3m
Transit Draft: 6.9m
Working Draft (thrusters down): 9.2m
Displacement:  54,744 mT
Accommodation: (Approved 398) persons
Helicopter Deck: Suitable for Sikorsky S61-N
Transit Speed: 12 knots (max)
Clear Deck Space:

Deck Strength

 2 x 650m²
10 T/m²
Fuel Capacity: HFO 4200 mT
Potable Water: 1000 m³
Fresh Water Capacity: 3000 m³


 Personnel Facilities
25 x 1 man cabins 25
44 x 2 man cabins 88
55 x 4 man cabins 220
Offices 4 plus numerous office – bedrooms
Conference Rooms 1 x 40 person + 1 x 12 person
Recreation Facilities 2 Recreation rooms
– 1 Coffee & Buffet Lounge
– 1 Gymnasium
 Mess 1 x 160 + 1 x 24
Hospital / Clinic  1 Hospital + 1 Clinic
Water makers 2 x 75 t per day
Refrigeration Storage 2 x 58 m3 / 2 x 22 m3


Health Safety Environmental
 Fire Detection Yes
 Fire Control Yes
Fire Protection Yes
 Life Saving
 Enclosed Life boats 4 x 90 persons
 Life Rafts 4 x 25 persons
Life buoys 18
Life jackets 499
H2S Detection / Protection  Yes
 JYB60G Rescue Boat 163 HP
Oil / Water Separators Yes


4 x 2200 KW Rolls Royce fixed pitch retractable Azimuth thrusters
2 x 5500 KW Rolls Royce fixed pitch Azimuth thrusters
2 x 1935 KW Rolls Royce controllable pitch Tunnel thrusters


Main Crane:
Main Hook Hoist                 ( 4400 mT @ 37 mtr over stern 1.5 º cross angle)

(3000 mT revolving 3.5º cross angle)
Lifting height                        Above WL: 95 mtr
Under WL:                             5 mtr
Lifting Speed                         2.5 m/min (With load)
5 m/min (Without load)
Auxiliary Hook # 1 (1 x 800 mT)
Lifting height Above WL:  110 mtr
Under WL:                            150 mtr

Auxiliary Hook # 2 (1 x 160 mT)
Lifting height                        Above WL: 118 mtr
Under WL:                            10mt
Pipe handling:
Pedestal (x 2)                        35 mT @ 40 mtr